Harnett’s Oils

Harnett’s Oils is a award-winning family run business that grows, cold-presses, filters and bottles a range of oils on their family farm; The Waring Estate in the Barony of Iveagh in County Down.  Our Extra-Virgin Cold-pressed Iveagh Rapeseed Oil grown in the Lagan Valley in the Barony of Iveagh is famous for its oilseeds dating back to the 17th Century with the beginnings of the world renowned Linen industry. 

Today the Harnett’s are the 9th generation of Waringstown House continuing to grow linseed, rapeseed and hemp in rotation on the cereal farm within the domain lands of the Waring Estate which boasts the oldest unfortified Mansion House in Ireland.  Harnett’s do not use insecticides on the crops and when harvesting the oilseeds they refrain from using roundup and swathe the crops by cutting the crops to ripen up the seeds before combining a week or so after.  The oils are also infused with a range of flavours and vinaigrettes.  The vinaigrettes are produced using the cold-pressed single farm oils added to Armagh Cider vinegar infused with fruits from the estate or The Mournes.  This range includes raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant vinaigrettes.


  • T: 0044 7793653565
  • E: Harnettoils@outlook.com
  • A: The Waring Estate, Waringstown, Co Down .